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Substack finds itself in the cross-hair of moderation because of a newsletter it is promoting presently which explicitly encourages physical harm and violence to the current President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

I am not thrilled by him, but he said what he would do when elected and he accomplished much of it. I was not thrilled by Obama but I did not suggest publicly or otherwise ill-will to him. I am not thrilled by Joe Biden, but I will not suggest harm or injury to him.

Which brings me to a struggle: how to convince Social Media that its potential is not in fifth-grade name-calling, yanking of hair, and the likes but in worthwhile and meaningful content.

It seems simple enough: lead by example. Therein is a problem: quality is not rewarded. Bad behavior is.

How to change that? THAT is the big question of the moment.


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