I'm no fan of Facebook, but when I noticed big tech companies piling on Facebook, it made me think that there's more to this. So, I made a quick financial comparison; always follow the money. Based on SEC filings, Apple averages a net income of $390,551 per employee, while Facebook averages a whopping $497,338 net income per employee. Facebook's net income per employee is better than Apple, Microsoft, or Google. Salesforce's Marc Benioff, who recently eviscerated Facebook, has an abysmal net income per employee of ($30,836.73). We need to remember that company PR is always grounded in perception and profits. It's not morality that drives a company with 2.5x the number of employees trying to damage the sales of a company that is 1.3x more efficient in generating profit.

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Re: "advertisers who rely on Facebook to sustain their businesses."

As someone whose FB acct was canceled within a week LONG AGO because I supplied incorrect personal data, can you give an example of one of these typical ads please?

As someone who has never bought anything on impulse, I've never understood the biz model. Unless specifically 'shopping', no one I have ever asked has clicked an onscreen ad to buy ANYTHING, so Ive never understood this impulse buying.. one advertiser = $1m per DAY in ADS?

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