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How Walt Mossberg Built Relationships With Jobs, Gates, and Bezos

How Walt Mossberg Built Relationships With Jobs, Gates, and Bezos

In our latest Big Tech War Stories Podcast, listen to how these leaders operated, handled criticism, and set strategy.

Nobody covered big moments in technology quite like Walt Mossberg, a storied tech journalist who built deep relationships with the founders and CEOs of the world’s largest technology companies, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. 

On today’s Big Tech War Stories Podcast, Mossberg discusses how he formed his relationships with these leaders, what drove them, and how they dealt with criticism in his legendary WSJ column.

It’s an ideal time to hear from Mossberg as Apple’s WWDC approaches next week, where the company is poised to introduce a slew of AI upgrades to its devices and services.

In this conversation, you’ll hear how Jobs handled moments like the one we’re about to witness, how he approached strategy (all about the consumer), and the attention he paid to the stock market (didn’t care, at least outwardly).

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The tech leaders Mossberg discusses all had their own way of dealing with criticism. Jobs would tell Mossberg “I’m not calling to complain about your column,” before complaining. Gates would not pretend, emailing his nitpicks within a half hour after the Journal hit his doorstep. Bezos eventually stopped talking to the press altogether. 

The common line among these CEOs: A deep well of curiosity that seemed impossible to satisfy. And massive ambition combined with optimism. Listen on to hear more. 

You can follow Mossberg on Threads, where he regularly contributes insight and is a great voice on the platform.

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