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So, Google Notes looks more like a Substack Notes competitor!

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Thanks, Alex, for your clear and insightful overview of the exciting new features coming to Google Search. Looking at these 'evolutionary' features, it appears Google is subtly integrating social media elements into their search results with the introduction of features like 'Comments' and 'Follow', though they are not explicitly claiming to be doing so.

This approach will foster a community-driven knowledge base, allowing users to benefit from the collective wisdom of others' past experiences. Moreover, it's reassuring to see that Google is implementing moderation measures for the comments section to ensure that comments remain constructive and within acceptable boundaries. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience these new features.

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I do my own searches and own that history. On the web I am an active user .

If the ai is suggesting other material who sought that?

It’s not necessary for me to provide an example.



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I’m curious to see how the Google Notes feature will work.

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