Sitemap - 2021 - Big Technology

The First Annual Big Technology Book Awards

The Revolt Against Institutions Is 2021’s Defining Story

“Standing Up For Us Plebs.” Amazon Leaders Reject Policy To Push Employees Out.

The Internet Was Once Flat. No Longer.

Five Ways China Is Trying To Unaddict Kids From Social Media

A Xiaomi Phone Might’ve Shipped With A Censorship List In Europe. Now What?

Why LinkedIn Is The One Good Social Network

The Case To Reform The Share Button, According To Facebook’s Own Research

Silicon Valley’s Open Culture Era Comes To An End

Facebook Removed The News Feed Algorithm In An Experiment. Then It Gave Up.

“We Need to Have This Knife Fight.” Inside Facebook’s Strategy To Bring The War To Apple.

The Blowhard Curve: When To Lead Thoughts Or Leave Them.

What Realistically Happens Next To Facebook

Facebook After The Facebook Files

Elon Musk’s Philosophical Musings On Space (And Other Observations From Code Conference)

“Completely Running Blind.” Apple’s Power Move To Kneecap Facebook Advertising Is Working.

Facebook’s Survival Dilemma 

Six things you should know about the Epic v. Apple ruling 

The Newsletter Network Effect

What I’ve Learned In A Year On Substack

What Facebook Can’t Fix 

It's Never Been Better To Be Talent

She Advocated For Women, Then Microsoft Pushed Her Off Its Board

Okay, Let’s Talk About Social Media And Allegations Of Anti-Conservative Bias

What Big Tech’s “Chamber of Progress” Is Really All About 

The One Big Tech Bill That Could Backfire Spectacularly 

Congress Is Going To Throw The Kitchen Sink At Big Tech

Twitter’s Certainty Problem

Why Skyrocketing Import Costs Are Hammering Amazon Sellers (And You)

We’ll Exit The Pandemic With a More Realistic Relationship With Work

Why Podcasting Is Still A Massive, Untapped Market Opportunity

The Facebook Oversight Board is Making the Most Of Its Limited Power

Despite the predictions, Apple’s new anti-tracking moves may not crush Facebook's ad business

The Techlash is Coming for Apple

Should We Trust The Facebook Oversight Board?

The Uneasy Amazon Coalition

Breaking Down Amazon’s (Massive) Health Care Opportunity

The Soft Corruption of Big Tech’s Antitrust Defense 

Amy Klobuchar on the Democrats’ Plan to Take On Big Tech

Predicting the Future of Messaging with WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart

Why Facebook’s temporary news ban in Australia didn’t go far enough

Three U.S. Mayors On Their (Very Real) Challenge To Silicon Valley’s Dominance

The Bull Case For Twitter Spaces

Banning Trump Didn't Change How Much People Use Twitter, New Data Shows

Rapid Reaction: Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO

Anatomy of a Facebook Privacy Scandal

Here's What Mark Zuckerberg Told Facebook Employees About Joe Biden Taking Office

“The Big Shift.” Internal Facebook Memo Tells Employees to Do Better on Privacy.

A new front in the content moderation war; An expected outcome in the old one

Alternative social networks are a growing force as Facebook and Twitter suspend Trump